Positioning the Charlotte Region as a Global Hub for International Trade

As the world marketplace gets better connected and more competitive, the Charlotte region seeks to participate aggressively for business, jobs and wealth in the global economy. Building upon its assets as well as a preponderance of synergistic economic factors, Charlotte is poised for its next great economic growth cycle.

Charlotte Global Vision, Charlotte panorama, Charlotte NC

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What happens next

  • Information briefings are being conducted to educate and inform the greater Charlotte business community about all elements of this vision and what it means to our future. Ask about a presentation to your business or your group. Contact Us
  • Businesses and individuals are being invited to support and participate in this strategic initiative. Get Involved
  • Feedback and inputs are being collected from interested individuals and organizations in furtherance of this vision and to gather consensus for action.Contact Us


Working groups/task forces are being created and organized to learn from the experience and expertise of community participants.

Outreach efforts are being conducted to invite countries and companies seeking to expand business opportunities in the United States from the Charlotte region. Learn More